Protect those you love outside.

Safe and comfortable.

Those of us who love the outdoors want to go out surrounded by peace of mind and comfort. Untule® is a brand that protects your mind and body through products both in the city and in nature. Simple, high quality, and highly functional. Comfort comes from peace of mind. In a changing environment, we want to be a partner that continues to evolve with those who love the outside world.

Our mission is to provide “safety” and “comfort” to all the people who enjoy being out and about. Whether you are just out for a coffee or taking a walk in the countryside, Untule will always be there to protect your well-being. Untule®’s products are minimalistic and chic, as well as highly functional. We aim to be your lifetime partner whom you can trust and grow together with.


Does not allow light to pass through even 0.1%

Complete blackout 100%

Protect your skin gently

UV transmittance 0.00%


The coolness of the shade

Excellent heat shielding

Can be used even on rainy days

For both rain and shine (water repellent)

Suitable for any style

Easy to use design

Attention to detail

elegant bamboo handle

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Reasonable price with quality products

Our pricing reflects our dedication to delivering quality products at reasonable prices. We carefully consider factors such as material costs, manufacturing processes, and overhead expenses to ensure that our prices align with the superior quality of our products. As a global brand, we are committed to offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Through streamlined operations and optimization strategies, we strive to provide exceptional value for money. Furthermore, our pricing strategy is rooted in sustainability, ensuring that our products remain accessible while minimizing environmental impact. At anello®, we believe that prices must be equal to the quality we deliver, ensuring that every purchase is a worthwhile investment in lasting excellence.

In Conclusion:

anello® is more than just a brand; it’s your essential companion for every adventure. With a range of bags designed to meet your needs, we continue to captivate audiences worldwide. By prioritizing sustainability, affordability, and quality, we remain committed to delivering exceptional products that enhance your life. Choose anello® and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality for all your bag needs.


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