untule [official store] 3-Stage Folding Compact (50 cm) / Bi-Color

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Lightweight and compact.

For those who want to carry it in their bag every day.


The smallest and lightest parasol in untule.

Open and close the umbrella ribs by snapping them.

It is also possible to fold the umbrella without breaking the ribs by using the name band on the outer fabric.

The handle of the umbrella bag has a hook. As it is removable, it is convenient to carry.


Uses a high-quality grosgrain ribbon.

It has an understated luster that enhances your elegant femininity.

The handle is made of high-quality bamboo material.

We are particular about familiarity and balance, and we change the size for each type.

  • – Material: (Surface fabric) 100% polyester
  •                 (Back fabric) Polyurethane black film laminate [Made in Japan]
    (Rib) Glass fiber
    (Middle rod) Aluminum
    (Hand) Bamboo
  • – Opening and closing: open hand
  • – Weight: about 320g
  • – Full length: about 63cm
  • – Folding: about 33cm
  • – Diameter: about 87cm
  • – Ribs: 50cm
  • – Production: Japan (Fabric)
  •                          China (Assembly)

* The “play” part is provided for earthquake resistance.

* Therefore, although there are individual differences, due to the characteristics of the specifications, it is impossible to avoid the sound of “bending”. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand in advance.

* It may look slightly brighter or darker than it actually is due to the lighting.

* In addition, the color of the product and the image may differ slightly depending on the environment such as the display. Thank you for your understanding.


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