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Untule® Warranty

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untule® Warranty​

1. Because the cloth surface with a 100% shading rate is used, it has an excellent effect of shading heat and preventing ultraviolet rays. (The above functions are not fully effective for parts other than UV processing such as product decoration, stitching, and embroidery. The body temperature varies depending on the use environment and individual differences of users.)

2. There is a possibility that the dark-colored part may seep into the light-colored part. Since the current dyeing technology cannot prevent this situation, please forgive that.

3. Due to the special processing of the fabric, there will be a special smell of dye.

4. There may be some color unevenness or color difference due to dyeing.

5. The color and shape of natural materials will vary due to individual differences.

6. Because it is sewn with high-waterproof and high-durability wax thread, the wax attached to the thread when opening and closing the umbrella rubs against the rib through the fabric, and it will become thinner and thinner each time it is used.

7. When opening an umbrella, be sure to confirm that the surrounding area is safe before opening the umbrella.

8. There is a possibility of damage to the umbrella during strong winds, please refrain from using it. If it is accidentally damaged, do not continue to use it.

9. Please do not use the tip of the umbrella as a crutch, or throw it away.

10. This product does not have the function of being installed on bicycles, baby carriages, and other appliances. To prevent accidents, please do not install this product on appliances that will block the line of sight.

11. The fabric is specially processed, and strong friction or impact may cause the fabric to fall off.

12. For parts that have been printed with pigments, strong friction, etc. may cause the printing to come off or fade.

13. The fabric of this product has been processed to repel water, so it can be used in rainy weather. However, if it is used in heavy rain for a long time, it may cause rainwater to seep through.

14. Hand cream or sunscreen may cause the color of the handle to peel off.

15. After using it on rainy days, please dry this product in a cool place, and please do not store it in a place with high temperature or direct sunlight. If the product is not dried, rust may occur, the water-repellent effect may decrease, or the ribs may deteriorate or the color may peel off.

16. Please keep out of the reach of children.

Certificate Requirements

1. Use this product normally in accordance with the precautions for use. If there is any defect, it can be repaired free of charge.

2. It cannot be replaced with a new one, it will be repaired for free.

3. The free repair warranty period is within 6 months of the purchase period.

4. A warranty letter is required when applying for repairs.

5. Repaired products can only be shipped within Japan, and repaired products cannot be shipped overseas.

6. If any of the following conditions occur during the warranty period, it will be repaired for a fee.

  • A warranty letter cannot be presented (Warranty letter will not be reissued)
  • Request for repair out of the warranty period
  • If confirmed to be inappropriate use
  • Damaged while riding, used during strong wind and heavy rain, etc., due to improper use by the customer

7. For any repair related questions or applications, please go to untule official website.

How to open a Folding Umbrella

1. After the middle frame is fully drawn, untie the buckle.
2. After swinging the umbrella 2-3 times, the fabric of the umbrella will loosen from the ribs.
3. Gently turn the fabric down and stretch the ribs. 4. After the buckle is pushed up and buckled, the umbrella is opened.

How to close a Folding Umbrella

1. Hold the frame in reverse with one hand and hold the buckle, and use the other hand to fold the sub-frames supporting the fabric one by one at the joints. (At this time the main frame is still long)

2. After all the sub-frames are folded, after opening and closing repeatedly 2-3 times, the creases of the fabric will come out.

3. After straightening the fabric along the crease, hold the adjustment section with one hand and shorten the frame.

4. Roll it up after finishing slowly along the crease again.

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