anello Expand 4 Backpack (14L)

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A special, limited edition item. Made of lightweight fabric with a smooth, glossy feel that has been treated to be water repellent on both the front and back.

It features a gentle contrasting color scheme, and the accent color matches the interior mesh pocket.

Although this backpack has a regular size clasp, it has a compact structure that gives it a clean look.

With 10 pockets, the PC storage can store up to 13 inches of PC. The supple and cushioned shoulders reduce the burden on your shoulders.


– Material: Polyester nylon

– Weight: 580g

– Capacity: 14L

– Pockets: 10

– Handle Length: 34cm

– Shoulder String Length: 49 – 89cm

– Product Measurements: L24 x W17 x H37cm


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