anello REPREVE CROSS BOTTLE Clasp Backpack 22L (Large)

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The zipper and the material used are the same color as the main body. In addition, we have created a new gray beige color that has never existed before.

The opening has a clasp design that opens wide, making it easy to put in and take out items. The back has a security pocket that can store valuables and a zipper that connects directly to the main unit. It has a large capacity of 22L, so it is sure to be useful in a wide range of situations. It is an item packed with functionality and ease of use, and a special feeling like no other!

[What is REPREVE®] An environmentally friendly fabric made from collected and recycled PET bottles manufactured by Unifi, an American textile company.

This item is made by recycling six 500ml PET bottles.


– Material: Polyester

– Weight: 700g

– Capacity: 22L

– Number of pockets: 10

– Handle length: 37cm

– Shoulder strap length: 48-90cm

– Product Measurement: L32 x W18 x H45 cm


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