Legato Largo Light Weight Series Vertical 2way Tote Bag

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A new model is now available in the Karikaban series! It is sized to fit a long wallet or plastic bottle vertically. An attractive item with a simple design made from synthetic leather, developed with the concept of “a lightweight bag that can be used both on and off.” The size is easy to use and the swing-shaped opening makes it extremely easy to use. It has just the right amount of firmness and softness, and has a moist feel like genuine leather. Nice size to fit long wallets and plastic bottles.


– Material: Polyurethane

– Weight: 380g

– Pockets: 4

– Handle length: 32cm

– Shoulder string length: 98 – 140cm

– Product Measurement: L20.5 x W11.5 x H26.5cm


*Products are measured using a unique measuring method.

*Size and weight may vary slightly due to individual differences.

*Depending on the lighting, it may appear slightly brighter or darker than it actually is. Also, depending on the display environment, the color of the product and the image may differ slightly.

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.


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