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We who love the outdoors want to go out surrounded by “peace of mind” and “comfort”. Untule is a brand that protects your mind and body through products both in the city and in nature. Simple, high quality, and highly functional. Because comfort is only possible when there is peace of mind. In a changing environment, we want to be a partner that continues to evolve with people who love the outdoors.

Our mission is to provide “safety” and “comfort” to all the people who enjoys being out and about.
Whether you are just out for a coffee or taking a walk in the countryside, Untule will always be there to protect your well-being.

Lasting Effect

The fabric of a typical parasol deteriorates with use, and light can pass through. Therefore, Untule aimed at a durable parasol that can protect from strong sunlight “always”. The 100% light shielding rate will not drop “semi-permanently” unless it is torn using a special fabric that does not reduce the light shielding rate.

Black Film

A black film is always used inside the parasol. In the case of brightly colored fabrics, the reflection of the ground and buildings is reflected inside the umbrella, and the light hits the body and face. The black film absorbs the reflected light, so you can protect it not only from the sun but also from the reflected light.

UV transmittance 0.00%, UPF50+

Untule’s parasols have achieved a UV transmittance of 0.00% in a quality inspection of the fabric by a third-party organization . In an inspection to measure how much UV rays can be cut, it is recognized as UPF 50 +, which is the highest value. I made a parasol that does not let UV rays through and is gentle on the skin. Ultraviolet transmittance test results Test result of UPF value.

A parasol for both sun and rain

I want to be a presence that protects me, wrapping me up on sunny days and rainy days . Untule’s parasol uses water-repellent fabric. Achieved the highest grade 5 in the test to measure water repellency. In addition, even if it gets wet in the rain, it does not lose its light blocking performance, so it can be used safely for a long time without being affected by the weather.

Lasting Effect


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